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About Life-
On Fifth day of new moon (Shuklapaksh), Wednesday, Jaisth month of Vikram Era 1313 or Sak Era 1178 or 30th May 1256 AD. Utmost Supreme disciple of ‘Vam Marg’ ‘Kaulacharya Baba Kamraj’ seated on 1001 skulls accepted Aallha’s wife Queen Machhla the daughter of Radho-Machh as his prestigious pupil in Divine presence of Mother Dakshin(South) Kali at Kajrivan on the bank of Neel Ganga, near Machh Kund.
In 12th century during the same period of King Prithviraj Chauhan, there lived a great tantric also famously known as a magician, a queen who was elder daughter of famous king Radhomachh and married to Aallha. After doing great penance and worship she could request the great and famous Baba Kamraj who was conferred by the title of ‘Kaulacharaya’, which is the utmost achievable level in  Vam Marg Tantra, to come to Mayapur, which is called the holy city of Haridwar now a days, from the Nepal Kingdom’s Dakshin Kali Peeth situated near Pashupati, which is 22 kms from Kathmandu, the current capital of Nepal. Just like world famous Tantra’s utmost powerful-energy abode( Shaktipeeth) named Kamakhaya Dham situated in North east of India there is a similar  place in northern India on Neel Mountain called Kajari Van, Kajari meaning Black and Van meaning Forest i.e., a forest which is dense and dark even during day time. Within this same Jungle existed an invincible fort of King Radhomachh. During this period King Radhomachh’s eldest daughter named Machhla was famous for her devotion to supreme Mother Dakshin Kali who is symbol of imparting supreme knowledge of weapon warfare through Tantric activities. Machhla was married to King Aallha of Candale dynasty. Due to fear of father King Radhomachh’s enemy, King of Jwalapur named Jwala Singh who was disciple of Lord Shiva. In order to help her father fight against his enemy she wanted to gain supreme powers through tantra, hence she became disciple of utmost powerful tantra Guru who was considered equivalent to Lord Shiva and called Kam Vijay meaning the one who has won all his desires.
In North eastern part of India, there is a Neelanchal mountain range on which flows a great holy river named Bhramaputra. Kamroop Kingdom was situated on the banks of this river which is now famously known as Guwahati (Assam). In this famous city lies the great powerful energy abode of creator in the form of Yoni meaning birth place. This is the rebirth place of Kamdev meaning Lord of Kama, sex and desire. Similarly there is a place called Mayapur, now a days called the holy city Haridwar in northern India is situated in the Kajri Van ( Dark Forest) on the foot hills of Neel Mountain where lies the all supreme powerful Mother Dakshin Kali. In order to gain great Tantric powers, queen Machhla offered blood of her one and only son named Indal to the holy feet of Mother Dakshin Kali. After knowing this the great and utmost powerful, equivalent to Lord Shiva, Baba Kamraj reinstated life back in her son. Since then Baba Kamraj was also famously named as 'Guru Amara' meaning one who bestows life to dead. Hence, both these places, one being Kamakhya Peeth in North east and the other one being Ma Dakshin Kali Peeth in North India are considered equivalent.

In the year 1460 AD, which is today’s North Bengal was known as Koch Vihar Kingdom, within this kingdom was a state named Kamatapur which was owned by Maharaja Vishwa Singh. Maharaja Vishwa Singh became disciple to follow Vaam Marg of Kaulacharaya Baba Kamraj at the same place of Mother Dakshin Kali Peeth situated in today’s Chandighat, Haridwar. With the blessings of his Guru Baba Kamraj, he won various battles with small and big kingdoms and became a very powerful King equivalent to the great and mighty Aahom who basically came from North east region called Burma ( Myanmar). Thereafter, 200 years later in Vikram Era 1858 or Sak era 1723, Jaisth month’s eighth day of new moon (Shuklapaksh) on Thursday or 21st May, 1801 AD according to English calendar, the Vaam Tantras greatest Guru  ‘Kaulacharaya’ Baba Kamraj disappeared along with his body in front of his prestigious pupils named Baba Kalikanand and Baba Purananand( Great Grand father of Pt. (Dr.) Divakar Sharma). Even till today Baba Kamraj resides in the pure hearts of his disciples and also guides them during tough times.

(Kaulacharaya Baba Kamraj has authored great books with the name of ' Kaultantra',' Kamakhaya Tantra', 'Bharavi Chak' and 'Batook Bharav Tantra'. These books are currently under translation by writer Pt. (Dr.) Divakar Sharma.)

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