Inside the book

In the PARAD SHIVLINGA-PARAD SHIVLINGA AND ITS SPIRITUAL ANALYSIS & SIGNIFICANCE titled book, written by the Jyotish scholar Pt.(Dr.) Divakar Sharma is a very precious work under which author did detailed and in depth  study of Parad and its ancient chemistry according to ancient scriptures through ‘Shodas Sanskars’ and various virtues. Its ancient importance and secret mysteries which are coming from the ancient time are revealed and described in this book.
Few important highlights of the book are as follows

    Parad Shivlinga- A spiritual analysis and significance.
    Parad Shivlinga in the belly of ‘RAVANA’?
    The importance of Parad Shivlinga.
    Why Shivlinga Worship is no for housewives and women ?
    The Importance of Shivlinga when placed in different directions.
    The use of Shivlinga in various acts called ‘Shat-Karm’.
    Shri Bhatuk Bhairav ritual and custom for Puja (Anusthan).
    Bhairav Ashtak Stotra to vanish enemy.
    Sri Bathook Bhairav Yantra.
    Magical remedy for Rahu-peace.
    Complete remedies to eradicate ill effects of Rahu-Ketu and Shani.
    Some very important and useful tips for disciples.
    Usage of wine and flesh during practice as a disciple.
    The importance and significance of various creatures under ancient ‘Vastu Science’
    Importance of trees and plants to remove Vastu Faults and Horoscope Faults.
    Spiritual and scientific analysis of RUDRAKHSA.
    Manglik faults in horoscope and its remedies.
    What is ‘Aghor’ and ‘Aghori’?
    What is ‘Vam Marg’?

    Brief Description

    Pt.(Dr.) Divakar Sharma who is B.Sc., M.A, G.A.M.S, D.H.M. along with Master of Astrology , Vastu Science, Tantra and various other related ancient science has written the book ‘PARAD SHIVLINGA - SPIRITUAL ANALYSIS & SIGNIFICANCE’, in which author has written on the basis of the study of ancient epics and scriptures along with the needed chemistry and ancient ‘TANTRA VIDYA’. The book is also having complete description and procedure of worshipping  ‘Parad Shivlinga’ (Herook Shiv or Aghori Shiv) has per the ‘Pauranik’ meaning ancient importance, in ‘Kalyuga’. The lord of lords, greatest lord Shiva and his ‘Rudra’ incarnations, Batook Bhairav and Sri Hanumant worshipping gives quick results to the worshipper. Author has written the creations of Parad Shivalings by giving examples from ancient epics that ‘Lord Hari Vishnu’ wanted to destroy demon ‘Bhasmasoor’ and for that he disguised himself in a very beautiful lady ‘Vishwa Mohini’ and danced with grace, Astonished and attracted to her beauty ‘Lord Shiva’ got excited and this stimulated and caused ejaculation which formed Parad (Mercury) and hence Parad Shivlinga was created.
    Parad Shivlinga has four colours white, red, yellow and black shades. The author has described the Parad Shivalinga’s virtues and spiritual description along with Tantric acts, chemical acts, impossible and surprising results. This Shivlinga is not only used for curing incurable diseases, removing effect of ill stars and its positions and  in eradicating the incurable Vastu faults. According to author during ‘TRETA AGE’, King Ravana of  Sri Lanka the great ‘Pundit’ and scholar of  ‘Tantra’ and chemical science had set the ‘PARAD SHIVALINGA’ in his belly, that is why Lord Rama could not kill Ravana easily.
    In the book, through many different sermons the author has described clearly with examples, why Shivlinga worship is a no for housewives. In addition to this it is also mentioned in which direction and angle of the residence Parad Shivlinga to be kept and what  favourable results do we get are also written, given with evidence in Six  acts like death, distant attraction, displacement, blockage/stoppage, repulsion, attraction is also Parad Shivlinga’s useful and special effects, in this book. Lifelong use and  importance of the ‘Siddhi’ of Bhatuk Nath Bhairv, the Rudra incarnation, its procedure of worship, completion of worship and adopting the powers of the Mantra’s to a particular organ of the body to gain powers, Bhairav Ashtak Stotra, Shri Batook Bhairav Yantram, Aarti of Aghori Bhootnath, Rahu Shanti, Rahu Kal Arisht Nashak, Peace for Rahu, Ketu and Saturn, Dhoop flame preparation through herbs and importance of signs of creatures in VASTU SCEIENCE, eradication of ‘VASTU and horoscope faults with the effect of trees and plants like Peepal, Banyan, Tulsi, Banana, Bamboo, Billi, Ankh, Rudrakha, etc.
    Though book is  regarding ‘Parad Shivlinga’, yet the importance of trees and plants will be beneficial to common man in Vastu and star faults and its cure. Author has also detailed about the Manglik faults and its cure and what is Vam Marg? Such titles explains Pt.(Dr.) Divakar Sharma’s and his family background connection since 18 generations with Astrological and Spiritual deeds and their contribution in this field. He may be a Doctor after completing his medical education, but the book has attractive cover as main page, but printing is simple. The book would have been more interesting, if instead of printing various pictures, knowledge of religious acts and astrological details would have been more beneficial, yet this book will be beneficial to ordinary common man and it can be treasured.

    Author:- Pt.(Dr.) Divakar Sharma.
    Publisher:- ‘Prakriti Mitra’, 7-Civil Lines, New Haridwar Road, Roorkee-247667, (U.K), India.

    Congratulating Message
    -Pt. Narayan Dutt Tiwari
    Chief Minister Uttranchal, Vidhan Bhawan
    DEHRADUN-258001, INDIA, 14 AUGUST 2005
    -Manohar Lal Sharma Advocate, State Minister, Govt. of  Uttranchal, Dehradun, 11 Januray 2007.

    With Credit –DAILY-TRIBUNE, Chandigarh. 4, December 2005.