About the book

Dear Reader,
This book called ‘Shakti-Kalp’ meaning ‘infinite positive energy or infinite power’. Which means intense positivity flowing from every direction into ones life, hence creating a powerful positive energy for every individuals development in every walk of life. Be it health, wealth, personal, social, family and spiritual areas of ones life.
In this book, the author Pandit. Dr. Divakar Sharma, who himself is a great renowned  Astrologer, Vastu Specialist and Tantra Acharya, who has inherited this immense wealth of knowledge from his great ancestors from last 19 generations from both paternal as well as maternal. He has not left anything  unturned, be it in the field of Vastu, Astrology or Tantra based on the principles written in our  ancient Indian scriptures called Vedas and Upnisads.  This book is very simple to understand and gives immense insight and removes any misconceptions and myths related to Tantra, Vastu and Astrology. Apart from these, this book  gives insight into our mother nature and generates a feeling of well being and compassion towards our animals and trees giving significance of each one of them along with their importance in individuals life.
All in all, this book not only generates interest in readers from Vastu, Tantra or Astrology background but is a boon for a common man who struggles in his daily life. It is recommended that the reader not only reads this book but takes action on the steps given in order to lead a very happy and full feeling  life.


-Swami Tara Nand Avdhut

Maa Tara Peeth, West Bengal