Tantra or Black Magic Consultation-

What is Tantra?
...........................In the world of spirituality, a particular person who follows his/her Guru or God for spiritual and al round progress is called a pupil or disciple ( Sadhak). This disciple , who is been given ‘Beej Mantra’  by his/her Guru, not only understands the deep mystic and complex meaning of this Beej Mantras along with complete knowledge of its mechanics (know how) and also posses supreme knowledge of using these Mantra’s to various effects to achieve the desired results is called the Master of Tantra or Tantra Scholar. Tantra was originally started by Lord Shiva and there are various scriptures defining it in the form of discourses given by Lord Shiva to his wife Ma Parvati.

Who is the real Tantric?

...................................In today’s world people don’t understand the difference between a good Tantric who is also called Master of Tantra and a bad Tantric.
A bad Tantric is the one who uses Tantra negatively or for ill effects which is why they have brought a bad image and name to the word Tantric and people in general become terrified as soon as they here the word Tantric, where as a good Tantric, also referred as Tantra Scholar or Master of Tantra, uses Tantra positively or for the betterment and development.
Quickly to understand this lets take an example of a machine gun. One can easily understand the effects and usage of the machine gun when given in the hands of a terrorist/ robber or thief as compared to the effects of it being used by a police or Military person. One is using it for destruction and bad purpose which is done by a bad Tantric, rather he is not a Tantric in real terms, he is a demon, where as the other one using machine gun for protection and safety which is a good purpose is actually a real Tantric or otherwise called the Master of Tantra.

Symptoms and causes of Black Magic
........................................................Under this science in today’s materialistic world and age, the negative effect of this science is ever increasing, as the business competition is growing and so are family disputes for fulfilling of  selfish desires for gaining benefits and giving losses to others and destroying homes of others by carrying or getting done the deadly experiments through this science.
Black magic puts a block on a person's wisdom and intelligence and all efforts to solve the problem go fruitless. One feels a mental block, gets disturbed sleep with bad dreams, and negative thoughts. There is heaviness and weight on the heart and constriction in the throat.
At times, there could suddenly be blue marks on body without getting hurt, faster & erratic heartbeat and breathing without any physical exertion. There are quarrels in the family without any reason. Untoward mishap, one could find meat pieces in different places of house, sometimes one may find human or animal excreta at different places within the house or property. One might feel the presence of somebody in the house, might see some shadows and hear various peculiar voices. There could be ill effects if some one has died or buried within the property premises.
One feels one is not getting one's due and can achieve much more. One feels suffocated & restless in all circumstances, and is never at peace. One remains depressed, with lack of enthusiasm or desire to live & rise in life. Some kinds of misdeeds done by the invisible shadows as being tearing of clothes by itself, blood stains are found in home or plot, suddenly stinking smell is observed, indifferent kind of noises are heard continuously, loss in business, diseases becoming incurable, bad incidents are taking place in family.
Sometimes these ill deeds take place when evil stars are entering or have entered in one’s horoscope, alternately in Birth Horoscope of individual, under such conditions in home and plot or by the construction faults(Vaastu Dosh) have taken place. The condition under such troublesome stars create troubles and painful conditions for an individual that this may be due to troubles or obstacles created by negative evil omens or ghosts.
Some of these is caused by ancestral faults( Pitra Dosh) created by doing some  heinous and awful acts done  particularly by individuals or his any ancestor, not performing family traditions, not having been following family traditions continuously for long times. Also such faults are taking place due to certain negative energy centralized in the birth horoscope or residential plots of a particular individual.

Effects of Black Magic
.................................Black Magic can really play havoc with the life of the target person by destroying any aspect of life, may it be career/business or wealth/prosperity, creating family problems or unnecessary tensions/phobias, adversely affecting children & family, creating chronic health problems, destroying mental peace, intelligence & happiness, cause inner turmoil, unrest & uncharacteristic/abnormal behaviour and even cause unnatural deaths in extreme circumstances.
Black Magic not only affects the circumstances and future prospects of a person, but also deprives him materially of everything he was destined for, but also affects the psyche of the victim in such a way that one looses the will-power & mental energy to get out of the sinister situation one is in, and has no desire to live or rise in life.
The effects of Black Magic become more chronic, dangerous and fatal with time, if untreated, like a horrible disease. It starts spreading like a contagious disease, affecting the person's mind, brain, body, relationships, attitudes, work, money, marriage, career and everything in life. 
Sometimes these ill effects are carried out by the unsatisfied, restless soul of particular person ( or ghostly interference) attack on an individual, the plot and residence are made to suffer. There are different kinds of evil omens by negative heavenly evil powers, making loss, the unknown fear is being created in particular individual and place. Continuously  increasing nightmares, flickering body organs, etc are one of the many ill effects.

Breaking or reversing Black Magic Spell
............................................................Putting a Black magic spell on someone is very easy for those knowing even a little bit of Tantaric siddhis / voodoo. But to remove the spell and eliminate its sinister effects needs lot of expertise, continuous & rigorous puja /worship and a combination Siddhis & Sadhna.
In other words this is called ‘TANTRA THERAPY’ and if we closely observe the astrology or knowledge of stars in the birth, or nine stars horoscope in individual horoscope and take the results of the presence of stars under VAASTU SCIENCE which is the basic knowledge of eight directions, we observe both the faculties are inter related to one another. Therefore, it means for the “VAASTU SCIENCE” scholar should have knowledge of astrology along with knowledge of eight directions of Vaastu. The expert of both the faculties is called a ‘TANTRIK’.

Therefore, having knowledge on both the subjects and they being inter related, We are in a best position to analyse and give successful remedies on these aspects of ill effects.

As of the fees for such kind of remedies can only be established after getting complete information about a particular problem. Hence, contact to be made with necessary details to know the right fees.