Maha Bhairavi

What is Vãm Marg?
............................Since ages, in the great world of spirituality for the poise purpose of attaining self realization or to realize God or to achieve ones desired goal or destination, a pupil or disciple has been following various paths, called Marg in Hindi meaning ‘a way’ or ‘path’, for example some of the different paths are as follows:-
Vãm Marg, Dakshin Marg, Adiyat Marg, Choli Marg, Sanyas Marg, Gyan Marg, Bhakti Marg, Anand Marg, Yog Marg, Vairagya Marg, Kaul Marg, Kapal Marg, Pisaache Marg ( Black Magic, Shipli Elim), etc.

Well now, lets discuss in details what actually is this Vãm Marg?
As the name suggests, Vãma meaning a female in Sanskrit. A pupil who threads on the path, along with his Vãma ( Wife or Dikshit female) for the attainment of his final destination, be it attaining Siddhis ( various powers), Samadhi ( Transcendental state), Vaibhav( Great riches) or Moksha ( Complete liberation), such path or way is called Vãm Marg.

The pupil/disciple following this path involves Vãma (female) in his each and every activity. None of the state of female, be it menstruation period of the female, is not considered impure or restricted, as this is basis of her being a female and it’s a natural process of regeneration or reproduction and that is the sole basic reason why she is called Vãma, a female. The only restriction during this menstruating period is that one cannot have sexual intercourse with the female in this state. This is the females regenerating energy period or reproductive period for not just producing children but for producing various powers and energies and riches.
As mentioned in the Mantra Shastra (ancient scriptures) –

“Rajaswala Pushkaram Tirtham, Chandali Tu Mahakashi
Charamkari Paryag, Ssyat Rajki Mathuramataa”

 -(Rasyamal Tantra/ Uttar Tantra)

The sole basic natural menstruating state of Vãma the holy place of Pushkar, the Chandal’s (Cremator’s) daughter is equivalent to holy place of Lord Shiva called Kashi, the Chamar’s ( Cobbler’s) daughter is equivalent to holy place of Prayag and the Dhobi’s( washer man’s) daughter is equivalent to holy place of Mathura. Hence these various females are considered pious and holy form of Shakti meaning supreme power/energy. Shakti (Energy/Power) is a synonym of Vãma meaning female. Can anyone find such a great respect towards female in any form or path? No never!!
Vãm Marg is the only path in which a disciple considers Shakti (female) more respectful and important than his own life and body.
It is further mentioned as follows:-  


“Natti Kapalika Vyashya Rajki Napitadgana
Brahmani Shudrakanya chh Tatha Gopalkanyaka
Malakarashya Kanya chh Nav Kanya Prakirtita”

-(Rashya Tantra/ Uttar Tantra)

............ Daughter of an Actor, daughter of Cremator, daughter.of a Prostitute, daughter of Washer man, daughter of Barber, daughter of a Brahmin, daughter of a Cleaner/sweeper, daughter of a Cowherd boy and the daughter of a Gardener, all these nine girls are considered similar and equivalent to the nine holy forms of almighty powerful Mother Goddess Durga. These nine females are considered respectful and worshiped like Goddess Durga. According to Vãm Marg there are different forms of energy meaning Shakti. As mentioned in the holy scripture of ‘Durga Saptshati’.

“Bhinnaroopa Durga”

Like -

 “Ya Devi Sarvbhuteshu Shaktiroopen Sansthita,
Namastasaye Namastasaye Namastasaye Namo Namah – 1
Ya Devi Sarvbhuteshu Jatiroopen Sansthita,
Namastasaye Namastasaye Namastasaye Namo Namah – 2
Ya Devi Sarvbhuteshu Dayaroopen Sansthita,
Namastasaye Namastasaye Namastasaye Namo Namah – 3
Ya Devi Sarvbhuteshu Lajjaroopen Sansthita,
Namastasaye Namastasaye Namastasaye Namo Namah – 4
Ya Devi Sarvbhuteshu Matraroopen Sansthita,
Namastasaye Namastasaye Namastasaye Namo Namah – 5”

 Within Vãm Marg there is a ritual where in these nine form of energies (Nine girls) are worshipped and offered flowers, fruits and various other offerings on the occasion of Durga Puja (Navratri). Once they have finished eating their food, the left over is eaten by the disciple and his family with great faith and respect. Accordingly its mentioned :-


“Dhupayrdeeppayshcha Nayvedhyarvividhe Bhagvati Sadhanam,
Vidhay Vanditam taam cha Taduchchistam SVãmam Charayt”

-(Rasyamal Tantra/ Uttar Tantra.)

There is another great real example of following Vãm Marg by the Suryavanshi, King of Ayodhya, who was Lord Vishnu’s avatar in the form of Lord Rama. During Lord Rama’s exile period, he ate berries which were already tasted by Sabri, who was a tribal lady belonging to Shudra( cleaner/sweeper) class. This also implies that Lord himself followed Vãm Marg without any ego or without considering any issues of untouchables. In Vãm Marg it is said that if a powerful and energised Sadhak (Disciple) under the influence of his caste, creed, pride, ego, wealth, etc disrespects these nine Goddesses (Nine females who are considered equivalent to nine forms of mother Goddess Durga) loses his power and energies, it is evenly applicable for the Lord of all Devas called Indra, if he also disrespects the Prasad of these Nine Durgas, he too loses his power and kingdom and lead himself to great misery and pain.

Accordingly it is mentioned-


“Avicharam Shaktyuchchishtam Pibechachkrapuro Yadi,
Ghoranch Narakam Yaati Vãmmargtapted DhruvuVãm”

-(Vãm Marg Tantra/ Uttar Tantra)

Vãm Marg meaning the path of Vãma ( the path of female), it is also called Lord Shiva’s path who is also called ‘Aghoreshwar’. This Marg is also known as existence of creation and nature, also called way of regeneration, reproduction, development and creation, the way without any con or illusion is called Vãm Marg.
Lord Shiva who himself is follower of Vãm Marg is called ‘Ardhnareshwar’ or ‘Vãmeshwar’ meaning one half is that of a man and the other half is that of a woman.
The follower of this path is freed from all the ties and the disciple is called Aghori, equivalent to Lord Shiva, it is rightly said:-


“Pashbadho Bhavejiva,
Pashmukth SadaShiva”

-(MahaNirvan Tantra)

It is also mentioned -


“Bhairavohum Shivoham”

............. I am Shiva and I am Bhairav, tell me where will you find.such a determined and faithful disciple in any other Marg?
Lord Shiva himself in depth is always focussed and based in Shakti, Shakti and Shiva is One and if Shiva is without Shakti (Vãma) than he is lifeless, just like a dead one. Hence the follower /disciple of this marg is similar to Bhairav meaning he attains the same state as Shiva himself.
In following Vãm Marg, Vãma meaning Shakti, Bhagvati ( the one who has ‘Bhag’ meaning ‘Vulva’ or one who attains motherhood) is always worshipped and respected in all forms by the disciple. For the Vãm Marg disciple the physical culmination (Sexual Intercourse) with Vãma( female) is only meant for the purpose of creation, be it giving birth to children or for Sadhana ( Spiritual practice) or for Vaibhav (life riches) or for attaining Moksh ( Complete liberation), for which basically all the Gods have acknowledged this fact by keeping Vãm / Energy / Shakti in various forms on the left side meaning placing Shakti first before themselves like  Laxmi-Narayan, Laxmi-Ganesh, Uma-Mahesh, Sita-Ram, Radha-Krishna, etc.
That’s why Vãma’s ( female’s) basic natural process of menstruating is not considered bad or disrespected in any form as within all the 51 forms of Shakti/ energy abodes, this state of menstruating of Shakti is famous by the name of ‘Kamakhya’. Because of this in the form of Umanand or Ramanand ( Shiv Bhairav) are worshipped first, which is explained in the following shlok :-


“Yonimatrashariraya Kunjwasini Kamada,
Rajaswala Mahateja Kamashi Dhyeytamsada”

-(Kamakhya Tantra)

Within Vãm Marg, female (Vãma) of any caste or creed or any background is always respectful and worshipped as she has always been followed, worshipped by all the Gods and Demons all over centuries, hence , how can she tolerate any disrespect , misdeed or bad happening to her disciple in any form. A very good example to quote is that Shakti couldn’t tolerate disrespect given by her father King Daksh to her husband (Lord Shiva) for which she offered herself to fire and gave curse to her father. Therefore, by this we can understand how Shakti ( Ma Kali along with all the nine forms of supreme power/ knowledge) can ever tolerate any misdeeds or disrespect happening to her true disciple or follower? No Never!!
This is what Vãm Marg is about the Shakti’s or Vãma’s law or in other words the law of nature. This is what law of nature is about , one who truly and devotionally and faithfully follows Shakti, Shakti indirectly or directly takes care of him. He is free from all worries and hence soon becomes a liberated soul.
In the end would tribute to the holy feet of Her Highness Mother Kamakhya:-


 “Kamakhye Varde Devi Neel Parvatvasini,
TaVãm Devi Jaganmata Yonimudre Namostote”

-(Kamakhya Tantra)

Om Tat Sat Om

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